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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fender Bullet

The Fender Bullet is the main guitar of Wool Over Eyes, and will continue to be such, do to the unique nature of this instrument. The Bullet was originally marketed in 1981 as a student guitar, or a pre-stratocaster. Essentially, what this entails was a guitar for $199 to buy your damn nephew for christmas. Moving on, Fender made multiple different versions of this guitar, all of which are nothing like the Bullet I own today. The most similar is the H-2 which had a plastic guard, traditional hardtail bridge, and two humbuckers each with their own coil tapping button. The humbucking pickups were really two single coil pickups with alnico rod magnets side-by-side. alright, enough of the electical mumbojumbo... Coil taps make your humbuckers into single coils, allowing for MANY tonal opportunities.

1981 Fender Bullet

My Fender Bullet has a major difference to the stock models. I bought mine at the West 4th Guitar Shop in 2002, where the previous owner of my guitar hand wired his own humbucking pickups, and installed them in the guitar, providing my guitar to be truly unique.

My 1981 Fender Bullet

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the 1981 Fender Bullet lives on through Wool Over Eyes!


Addict by Wool Over Eyes

Addict by Wool Over Eyes, song about liking something a little too much. Addiction. It is. Thank You for visiting the Wool Over Eyes blog, and listening to Addict

Big Stick

Big Stick by Wool Over Eyes

This Song is one of Wool Over Eyes' first, it is inspired by Theodore Roosevelt's Big Stick Policy, hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Carl Thompson Bass

Within these next couple of months, I'm going to be a proud owner of a 5-string Carl Thompson Bass. What makes a Carl Thompson bass different than any other bass is it's design, beauty, and sound. Carl Thompson Basses are all customized and created by a man named Carl Thompson. Carl is a musician, a teacher, and a inventor who resides in Brooklyn, New York. In 1974, Carl was steadily creating about ten to twelve electric basses every year and is the first person to have created a 6-string electric bass. Carl has built basses for a number of music legends such as Les Claypool and Stanley Clarke. Last time I saw him, he was finishing up two of Lou Reed's guitars and told me my 5-string was on its way! Just to show you how awesome these instruments are, below are some of Carl's most amazing creations.
This is the Les Claypool 6-string fretless Rainbow Bass.

This is my friend Miles with a brand new Carl Thompson 6-string bass.

To find out more about Carl Thompson and his instruments click the link below