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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Wool Over Eyes Bass Solo

Check out this video of Max Devlin of Wool Over Eyes doing a fucking human ass bass solo!

Check out Meta4! Rising NYC Hip hop artist

This guy is the fucking man! Check out the video below, "What It Takes" by Will Lucas

What It Takes from Will Lucas on Vimeo.

Check Out This NYC Rock n' Roll Band, BIG GUNZ!

Rock n' Fucking Roll! Starting off as a basement trio in a 10 by 10 foot carpeted box, Big Gunz was formed in 2007 Brooklyn, New York. Now Big Gunz is a thrashing five person band that love playing music and partying. I love playing shows with these guys. I'd say if you like Guns N Roses and Alice In Chains, check Big Gunz out! These guys merge the darkness of Grunge and the appeal of Rock into a force you must party to! 

This Is A Great Tool For Musicians

Awesome Live Event Poster

We have another show coming up at SUNY Purchase and our friend Brian Renaldo created this poster for us! Thank you Brian! Posters are awesome...

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Get Your Bonnaroo 2011 Ticket!

This upcoming June in Manchester, Tennessee the nationally renowned music festival Bonnaroo is taking place. Bonnaroo is a four day festival that is held on a massive piece of land. This year's line-up and headliners include: Eminem, Arcade Fire, Lil Wayne, Primus, My Morning Jacket, Bassnectar, and the list goes on. Bonnaroo is the biggest music festival in the country and continues to provide diverse line-ups.


"Vacuum tubes (valves) were by far the dominant active electronic components in most instrument amplifier applications until the 1970s, when semiconductors (transistors) started taking over for performance and economic reasons, including heat and weight reduction, and improved reliability. High-end tube instrument amplifiers have survived as one of few exceptions, because of the sound quality."

Wait, so.... what?

Tubes are more expensive than transistors, they fade over time, are sensitive to oils, movement and most everything else... so why do players choose tubes over transistors? The sound! the warmth, which is dictated by the power regulation, is unmatched by the associating transistors, but is inconsistent. therefore, if one is looking for reference speakers, they wont desire tubes, due to the constantly changing sound timbre. A guitar player on the other hand, will LOVE tubes, for the sound quality, and continue replacing tubes, in order to continue pursuing the highest fidelity.