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Monday, March 28, 2011

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Released 2010?


Ohkay,  so let me get this straight.   Im completely confused...  are they serious...   this is the funniest music video ever.   

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

PHI, Fibonacci and YOU!

To begin understanding the nature of ourselves, one must begin with the innate nature of what us, is.  Therefore to ask "what is, that connects humans to all other living things"  both is bewildering, yet if simply defined, would provide light to other questions about the nature of our existence.   Propose the answer to be in our biology.
Leonardo Da Vinci's "Virtruvian  Man" illustrates the mathematical answer.  If one examines the ratio of length between the end of the index finger and first joint, to the same point to the second joint, the ratio is equal to that of the first two joints to the whole finger.  This pattern continues from finger to hand, hand to forearm, hand and forearm to whole arm and so on throughout the body.  The ratio is golden.  Simplified mathematically, A + B is to A as A is to B.  This ratio builds all living things on earth and is seen throughout in Fibonacci Spirals,

... and fractal broccolli

 But the real question is, how does this have to do with music? Listen to your favorite song, see if the best part is about 61 percent through, or a little after...   In common song form the bridge is the at the golden mean of the song. 

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

How Did WOE Happen?

In the fall of 2008, stocks were falling, homes were lost.   In the wake of such financial disaster, Wool Over Eyes was formed.  We are not hedge fund suits, or realty agents, we are a mere conglomerate, a helping hand, a net to catch.  With your trust, we can provide clients with the assurance that ones investments will both have potential for consistent return, and comfort in state of mind.  

Thank You

Wool Over Eyes

Stop Exploiting Charlie Sheen

its not his fault he parties like a pharaoh! 

Wool Over Eyes

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Bass Head, The Ampeg SVT 450H

This Bass Head happens to be the second bass head I have ever purchased. I recall getting it new for $900.00. It adds a great punch to my bass tone and it has never failed me once. The SVT 450H is one of the best solid state bass heads that is on the market. It has a 9 band graphic EQ which allows you to alter your levels enabling you to blend well with your band. Currently, I play my Warwick Corvette $$ Double Buck Neck through this head but soon I'll be playing my Carl Thompson bass out of it and see how that sounds.

Laney Mania

as a guitar player, my Laney G50 tube head is basically my leg. To find one that supports your sound, helps you run (things) and essentially functions as a WW2 sound gun, is of paramount importance for a guitar player. Especially one who distorts their signal. My weapon of choice is the Laney G100. It is a beast. One can find it at the LANEY WEBSITE.
. Laney + Wool Over Eyes = happy eardrums!


These are the lyrics to the Wool Over Eyes song, Addict, guess what its about!

Freedom Defined
A Brain Declined
The power of wanting
is how courage is defined

find it deep inside
to quit the habit
live till you die
live till you die

Live till you die

The body decays
as we wear it away
the power of wanting
is how courage is defined

Live till you die

Find it deep inside
To quit the habit
Live till you die
Live till you die

This song is about realizing the decisions we make shape us. Addict By Wool Over Eyes, Song lyrics and meaning.